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  1. chancer

    Build off trophy 🏆

    Hello diy go karters. I have the trophy. I am sorry. Some past winners missed out. Life got crazy. I flaked our on y’all I will message the site owner and get it to him.
  2. chancer

    2017- The Turbo Shopping Kart - DNF

    Upholsery Shop! ??? nah Come on man DIY. Glue some foam on that wood, Go pick up some Alligator Vinyl, Stretch staple and Good to go. What? you thought I was kidding?:thumbsup: Also on your axle hangars, Add some side gussets. [/ATTACH] Anyway... Looking Good welcome to the Build off.
  3. chancer

    DIY Texas

    So after suffering long enough in this communist toilet that we call Kalifornia, the decision has been made that my family and I will be moving to Texas in the next few months. That is why I have not and probably will not be here daily. So little to do so much time to do it.
  4. chancer

    Lawn Mower Story

    So I got this 6.5HP Briggs Intek self Propelled Lawn mower. It was a $350.00 Dollar Mower. I got it 16 Yrs ago and 14 Yrs ago I got married and moved to my Wifes 2 acre Property. And we just use a lawn Tractor. However I used this one to get the smaller areas till one day (13yrs ago) It...
  5. chancer

    Mattress Core Charge!!!

    So my 2 Kids needed new Twin size mattresses for their beds. Being that we still live in California... We are broke. So off to the Wal Mart we went. Found some mattresses for $99.00. When we went to the Checkout they informed us there was an $11.00 "Disposal Fee". I asked "So Like a Core...
  6. chancer

    2016 - Beer Crate Racer (winner)

    Kill Switch Santa Gave me this really nice Kill Button in my Stocking. So I finally installed it today. Here I wired the switch. Nicely enough the stock wires were long enough to got straight to the button. And here is the finished button, within reach of the driver. I did a how to for the...
  7. chancer

    Drift Trike Build

    Ok So I laid out all the parts, and Promptly through the instructions away. Installed the mid frame section. Then I got a helper:toetap05:to assist in attaching the rear axle and Wheels. Finally we installed the seat and the pedals.:wai: And Then she was off!:popcorn: This thing does not...
  8. chancer

    Drift Trike Build

    What? Not what you were Expecting?:roflol: Oh well I am doing a build thread on it anyway! Santa Brought it and I get to put it together!:wai:
  9. chancer

    Predator Kill Switch

    This is a frequently asked question. How do I hook up a Predator kill switch? In this Pic I show the Stock unmolested Wiring: Notice the Yellow Wire going Down into the Block. In this Pic I have unplugged the Yellow wire going Down into the Block. This is the low oil sensor. You want it...
  10. chancer

    Whats up with Drift Trikes?

    I think they are Really Cool and look like Fun. Also simple enough to build. I have never Driven one so I gotta ask... What is the point of spending a Butt load of Cash on the Engine. Seems to me with Plastic Tires Either way you are Gonna break traction. and with a ride designed to handle...
  11. chancer

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a wonderful day with Family, Friends and Food. Ok so it is an American Holiday, and this is a World Wide Forum. But still all across the Globe we have much to be thankful for. I mean if you are reading this you have been blessed with Electricity, Online...
  12. chancer

    Explain Your DIYGK Screen Name

    Well just for fun. Why do you have and use the screen name you use. Someone else go first!
  13. chancer

    ATTN NEWBS: Retardese

    Just seems like today was an appropriate day to Bump this, but it is closed. All newbs click this link
  14. chancer

    Free Power? Hoax? ??

    So apparently this guy and others on line have invented A way to make free energy using electric generators that on once started power themselves! These are old videos, but it appears to work. :idea2: here is no such thing as free energy they claim energy from the "The Quantum field" or "Ground...
  15. chancer

    $300 wooden go kart

    Holy Bat Crap Man! This fool wants $300 for his Wooden Kart! Sorry it is late I will post the pics Tommorow. Till thenenjoy the link.
  16. chancer

    Go Kart Roller Coaster

    Check this out!
  17. chancer

    Magnesium Tony Kart Wheels " metric 130mm wide

    Magnesium Tony Kart Wheels 5" metric 130mm wide I picked up these wheels cheap on CL. They are metric and I cannot use them. I since found out they are kinda rare and really expensive. $128.00 U.S. new. and a set on Ebay Used for $69.00ea. So I listed mine on ebay for 70.00 and free Shipping...
  18. chancer

    Deals on Wheels

    I picked up these four Tires and Wheels on Craig's list. $60Bucks U.S. Not a bad deal, the wheels are all 1 piece aluminum. The blacks are Douglas wheels. The gold wheels say Max Pressure 4bor. Whats that? Metric? Also the Gold ones have 3 little thingys in them What are those? and I of the...
  19. chancer

    Cheap Kart Tires

    Ok if your one of those who HATES Wal Mart, just move on. But to the rest of us Capitalists here is a great Kart tire at a Great Price. I just picked up 4 of these for my "Yard Kart" in stock on the shelf in my local store. Same price on line. This is a 13X5X6 2 ply turf tire for $12.96...
  20. chancer

    79cc Plastic Cam Gear!

    Well I just cam across this at AGK. On a 79cc Predator the Cam gear is plastic. We usually gut the Gov because of its plastic gear that cannot handle the RPMs. I guess the gear reduction between the crank gear and the Cam gear make it ok? I just found it interesting. What are y'alls opinions?