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    Clone Charging?

    I bought a Predator 420cc (13HP) from Harbor Freight that I'm using on my build. I want to put 4X18 watt LED lights on it. I can't find anything in the owners manual in regards to how much power the factory charge coil/stator, is putting out? There is a stator listed in the parts break down. I'm...
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    Comet Reverse gearbox

    OK, so I'm in the build off and I decided to deviate away from the original plans I bought and stretch the frame and go up to 11 gauge steel instead of the 14 gauge speced. Now I'm worried about the additional weight. I'm thinking I need to add a reverse. I've searched the web and the only thing...
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    Predator 420 CC Throttle Linkage

    Does anyone know if the Predator 212cc throttle linkage will work with the 420cc?
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    2016 - Florida Redneck Granddaddy

    Well as chance would have it, I started a thread because I'm building a Spyder Cart Granddaddy and It was suggested that I join the build off. Here's my Entry. I bought all the steel from my local supplier on Monday. I've been cutting it and reviewing the plans for 2 days now. I think tomorrow...
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    Starting a Granddaddy Build from Florida

    Hi everyone, I'm a new guy about to start a Spyder Cart Granddaddy build from scratch. I purchased the plans and steel this week. I started cutting yesterday. I plan on using the HF 420cc Predator engine. I've read that I will need to use the 40 series Comet Torque Converter. If anyone has any...
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    Redneck in Florida

    Hi everyone. I'm a overgrown kid/redneck down here in northwest Florida. I found this site because I am starting a Granddaddy build from Spyder Karts. I built a cart about 18 years ago that Northern Tolls sold plans and parts for. It was nothing as elaborate as the Granddaddy, but it still...