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  1. pontiacman74

    rejet my carb?

    I got a header and rlv muffler, k&n style air filter, velocity stack/adapter, and I gasket matched my exhaust port. It runs great with the choke 2/3 the way on. I think I need bigger jets because its flowing a lot more.
  2. pontiacman74

    street kart project gets rolling

    I have wanted to build a kart that is just for on road speed & cornering:auto:. I have been designing a basic frame shape and I have a picture of my design. I plan on using a 570 liquid cooled yamaha snowmobile engine. Do you think I will need suspension? I really dont want a suspension but I...
  3. pontiacman74

    WTB gokart mini bike chassis

    Im looking for a new project and I am interested in a go kart or mini bike chassis
  4. pontiacman74

    project kart

    I started to improve my vintage Fox kart over this last week. I made a seat for it. I welded some supports and the gas tank stand. I also added stops for the steering. Fixing up odds and ends. I will get more pictures tomorrow.
  5. pontiacman74

    Vintage Fox info?

    Does anyone know about the vintage fox with dual McCulloch's?:huh::confused::huh::confused:
  6. pontiacman74

    Predator 212cc review...

    Well im on day number 4 with the Predator 212cc. I have 2 tanks of gas through it. I really do not think the engine is as :censored: as some people are making it to be. I have BEAT the hell out of it these past days! It still starts in 1 pull and runs great! The only thing I have found to be bad...
  7. pontiacman74

    Muscle Cars who's got 'em?

    Hello I want to see some muscle cars so I will start with my '79 Pontiac T/A. Trans Am for people not in the know. It has 2.5inch dual exhaust with flowmasters for a great sound. Powered by a 434c.i. pontiac engine thats a 1965 421 block. Ported #62 heads(big valve pontiac heads) Performer rpm...
  8. pontiacman74

    212cc predator parts.

    I was looking into a k&n style open airfilter and header with a decent muffler. I am not really in the know with these smaller 4 strokes as in compatibility.(I could tell you everything about a pontiac v8's though) If some one could help me find the parts I need for the airfilter, (dont want...
  9. pontiacman74

    Hello everyone

    Im no to the site and gokarting. I got this gokart recently from a family member.(its been passed down through my family for years) So I fixed it up a little since getting it. It has a new 212 cc predator. I plan on re sheeting it and doing some modifaction this winter but for now it is to be...