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  1. Kaptain Krunch

    Anybody ever put limiter in CVT driven?

    I would rather see the spacer in the drive pulley. Less stress on the belt.
  2. Kaptain Krunch

    TIP: Saving old brass carburetor inlet valves

    Just a tip for folks, i came up with this idea last year after discovering pattern failure with walbro LMT carburetors. What happens is the pressed in brass inlet valve seat corrodes, and even with a new needle will not seal. Some of these seats are replaceable, some are not. But this trick...
  3. Kaptain Krunch

    Mini Baja buggy snowmobile engine swap!

    I just picked this diamond in the rough up for almost nothing ($250!). It was built by college kids, back in 2002 for the mini Baja SAE challenge. They were sponsored by polaris, and used many components from polaris ATVS. It was originally powered by a 10hp briggs, per SAE rules. But it has...
  4. Kaptain Krunch

    Vermont/NH/MA folks, free engines and parts

    FREE FREE FREE Its spring cleaning time! thought i'd throw this out to you guys before i send it off to the scrap yard. I have a pile of misc engines, some could be saved, some are good for parts. ALL FREE. Going to be digging more out within the next few weeks, but heres what i know i have as...
  5. Kaptain Krunch

    Freebie of the week, honda H5518 garden tractor

    Picked this thing up for free today, pretty slick machine. Its relatively small, slightly larger than a JD318. VERY well built it has a liquid cooled, two cylinder OHC Honda engine, rated at 18hp selectable 4WD AND 4WS Front and rear PTO, independent of each other. Differential lock H/L range...
  6. Kaptain Krunch

    Helix 150 engine swap, single seat conversion

    Hey folks, Been out of the Go cart game for a while. Life, business, and house projects have taken over. last summer i impulsively picked up a Chinese gy6 go cart/buggy with a blown engine for $100, with absolutely no plan for it. I'm finally digging in, and i believe i have a rough idea of...
  7. Kaptain Krunch

    Another Off road tractor project

    Whatsup everyone, Haven't really been too active lately, college has gotten the better part of my life for the time being. However, i finally got back on the wagon, with another Old lawn tractor. As some of you know, i built a off road mower a few years back out of a 73' wheel horse, dubbed "the...
  8. Kaptain Krunch

    Supra turbo project

    Just picked up this diamond in the rough. Its got the 3.0 straight six, 24v DOHC. Its a factory intercooled turbo, and a 5 speed. So basically my dream car. It needs a head gasket which was a pretty common problem for these things, and a tiny bit of body work but overall its in pretty good...
  9. Kaptain Krunch

    Anyone know anything about old caddys?

    Might be trading my 89' gmc 2500 for a 64 coupe DeVille. I have about $1200 into my truck not including my time, but i doubt its worth much more than that. has a bad rear end, and 200k miles. Anyways just looking for any info at all on this car. Its a project for sure, runs and drives. has the...
  10. Kaptain Krunch

    Mazda suitcase car?

    I just saw the mazda suitcase car on 80 ways around the world, which i had never even heard of before. Has anyone tried recreating one of these? i plan on doing it, because i personally thing its one of the sweetest things i've ever seen, but i'd love to see some other versions of it before i...
  11. Kaptain Krunch

    off road mower, wheel horse 800 special. AKA the RED ROCKET!

    Just figured i'd put up a few pictures and videos of my tractor. currently not 100% needs brakes, a better air filter, and a few little things, winch and headlights, bigger battery and gas tank. Specs 1970 something wheel horse 800 special 18hp kohler twin, horizontal shaft stock 3 spd +reverse...
  12. Kaptain Krunch

    Project Subie Doo

    So, last night my friend rolled his car, it was a 1996 subaru legacy awd. somehow he is perfectly fine, he is one lucky guy... He only had liability on it so he said i could just have it. It rolled twice, and then hit a tree, so the roof is smooshed in but it runs good, and nothing major besides...
  13. Kaptain Krunch

    New to me, 1985 rm250

    Just picked up an 85 RM250, for $115. Shes been sitting a while, and has no spark. but cylinder looks mint and shes got decent compression, shifts through all gears, has good tires, and overall looks like a decent bike. Pretty much stole her at $115. So far i cleaned the carb and airfilter...
  14. Kaptain Krunch

    Car Parts, check it out.

    Anyone who needs car parts, let me know by tomorrow and i can probably get them to you cheap. I'm going to my dads farm to do a clutch on my truck, in the downtime i can go up in the woods and grab parts off a few old toyota vans he has sitting. Both are mostly complete, alternators, water...
  15. Kaptain Krunch

    Off-road mower, update

    So i have a major problem with starting things and not finishing them due to money, or other dumb reasons. Anyways, i started this mower over a year ago, planning on doing a pulley swap, lowering it, and making it kickass. Got about 50% done and switched to building the shifter kart, because i...
  16. Kaptain Krunch

    Another project, beater bike DS80

    Just picked up this DS80 for $20, it was sitting for 20 years, was seized, someone put black paint (i think) in the gas tank, some wires were cut, engine was seized. I took it apart, un-seized it, and it looks like its got some potential as a beater. The cylinder is fine, piston skirt has a...
  17. Kaptain Krunch

    Earth Day!

    So, its earth day, whos gonna go fire up a nice old fashion two stroke?
  18. Kaptain Krunch

    Velocity Stacks

    Anyone ever made one? I'm looking to make one for my shifter, but i have no idea how to calculator the taper, length, dia, etc. I did a little searching on google and found NOTHING. I have access to a lathe and all, so i'd like to do it fairly accurately, and tune it for lower rpm.
  19. Kaptain Krunch

    Update on the shifter kart

    So, spring is here and i need to finish my KZ400 kart, its almost there, just needs the finishing touches, brakes, a little tweaking on the clutch linkage, paint, and a little engine work. Today i made a gas tank for her, out of a fire extinguisher. Over april break i'll be getting a buncha...
  20. Kaptain Krunch

    Golf Kart + Sled engine

    So here we go, i have 2 or 3 other major projects going on, so i figured it was the perfect time to start another :D Just traded my 5.5hp tecumseh powersport for a golf cart frame. Its a 1989 Columbia Parcar, pretty good shape, has no engine, but it has everything else, even the battery...