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  1. frostyflammable

    WTB: CT200U Rear Fender (Metal)

    If anyone has any CT200U (red metal ones) fenders that are just sitting around, I am looking for two rears for a project. I am in the DFW area. Thanks.
  2. frostyflammable

    Rubber thingy on the valve guide (Predator 212 Hemi)

    Thank you very much! Just ordered a set.
  3. frostyflammable

    Rubber thingy on the valve guide (Predator 212 Hemi)

    I have moved since I started this project and for the life of my I cannot find the rubber thingy that used to go on this valve guide. I have no idea what it would be called or if I can even find it to order (may just have to find a used Hemi 212 head) I am hoping someone can help me find that...
  4. frostyflammable

    Mikuni 34mm flat slide on 420cc - dies when warm

    I think I know which way I have to go but figured I would ask see what the internet thinks. Basically I have a Predator 420 with a GP Stage 2 kit (rod, flywheel, cam, etc) and a genuine Mikuni 34mm flat slide carb. The problem I am having is that the engine will start and idle just fine from...
  5. frostyflammable

    MB200-2 Torque Converter questions

    Looking at the video, the driver does not close (expand), which means you are constantly in "low gear". There is something going on with the driver, take it apart, clean really good and lube where needed. Until the driver starts to expand you won't be going very fast.
  6. frostyflammable

    Good set of drill bits...

    I am ready to invest in some good drill bits, so far all I have used the cheapo sets from Harbor Freight or Home Depot and are good for a few drills until the bit is useless. I know good drill bots are not cheap but I would like some decent ones that I can possibly sharpen or somehow extend the...
  7. frostyflammable

    Honda odyssey pull start problem

    Almost looks like the remains of a heli-coil maybe?
  8. frostyflammable

    MB200-2 TAV Cover

    So I got my hands on a MB200-2 with maybe half an hour of run time on it. The problem I have is that it is missing the Torque Converter clutch cover. I wanted to see if anyone knew if the TAV cover from a china special will work? The holes on the MB200-2 do look like they are a little further...
  9. frostyflammable

    WTB: X19 front wheel

    I know this is a long shot, but looking to see if anyone is parting with the front X19 wheel from the pocket bike. That wheel would look much better with the new project and trying to get all parts together. Thanks.
  10. frostyflammable

    Opinion... Stage 2 on Pred Hemi 212 or 196 Clone

    Wanted to get opinions from everyone (dangerous on the internets I know) but I am getting ready to start a new project and will be doing a Stage 2 from GPS on an engine. I currently have a Predator 212 Hemi and a Hisun 196cc clone from a Coleman with a 3/4in shaft. I understand the Hemi will...
  11. frostyflammable

    Baja Dooblebug or Dirtbug Tubing Size

    I have tried to search and sadly did not find this info (although no one may have it yet). I have the new style dirtbug and want to extend the frame which means cutting it up and bending and welding tubing. While I have not started this yet and I know I can take a sample with me to the metal...
  12. frostyflammable

    "Project Thanos" drag bike...

    So I did not do a build log or any step by step since I just had fun building this mini. I wanted something that will hold a 420cc with a torque converter... I wanted fast off the line and this fit the bill. The frame is a custom frame by Bobby Hammond of MetalFabCreations, since I am only 3...
  13. frostyflammable

    Educate me on welding gas

    So I have narrowed down which welder I will be getting and would like to use some sort of gas on it. I am very much a hobbyist and will probably use the welder once in a blue moon but figured it would not hurt to have a bottle of gas on hand, something small that I can refill more often. Now I...
  14. frostyflammable

    Where to buy jets for Mikuni Carb

    I have a 34mm flat slide and with my setup (420cc with stage 2 GPS kit) the engine seems to run very nice until about 3/4 to full throttle, then it seems to bog down, and the spark plug seems to suggest it’s running rich. I also see some black smoke coming out the exhaust. I moved the c clip all...
  15. frostyflammable

    240v Flux Core (with gas option) Welder

    So I have been rocking the el-cheapo flux core sub $100 welder for some time now and it has done what I have asked of it. I would like to do some upgrading while still staying with flux core option mainly for the ability to weld outside in windy conditions... where I live the winds are probably...
  16. frostyflammable

    "Lower Sitting" Throttle Plate for Predator 420

    First thing first I have this throttle plate on my Predator 420. Second, I am not using it for the throttle as I have a Mikuni on there but just really for looks and I wanted to mount a...
  17. frostyflammable

    Predator 420cc - ARC Rod - Side to Side Play - Normal?

    This is my first engine I am building with billet parts I am not sure if the rod or my crankshaft is up to spec. I tested with a plastigauge and had 0.003 clearance and I have torqued the rod down exactly as ARC recommended. The problem (I think problem could be nothing) I am having is the rod...
  18. frostyflammable

    Monster Moto Mini Bike Front Suspension Forks For Sale

    If you have been waiting for these they are in stock, I just ordered a set for myself. Not sure how long they will be in stock but as of this writing there are 65 left. --Daniel
  19. frostyflammable

    Predator 420cc Starter Hole Cover

    Not really sure what to call it, but I am looking to complete this engine soon and since we just moved my whole workshop has not been set up yet and I rather not get it all unpacked until I decide exactly where to put everything. Onto the question, I put a billet flywheel on and removed the...
  20. frostyflammable

    Mikuni Flatslide port functions... educate me please.

    On my 34mm flatslide what do each of the ports do? I know the following two: 1. Purple Arrow: Fuel Intake 2. Yellow Arrow: Drain tube What I do not know is what the green and red arrow tubes do. Are they overflow tubes, do I need to connect them to something or just leave the tubes hanging...