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    Subaru/Robin parts?

    Hey everyone, Im looking at picking up a used Subaru/Robin Ex27 9hp Ohc engine for my go kart, and wondering if you all know where to get parts for them. Im not having much luck finding stock or aftermarket parts for it. I would like to know where i can get a stock replacement carb and gaskets...
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    wtb Manco steering wheel

    Hello everyone, i am hoping to find a used, plastic 3 spoke Manco American Express / Dingo steering wheel that still has the metal in the steering wheel. If you have an old Manco go kart steering wheel laying around, please let me know!
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    preffered yard kart split rims?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to re-do my nephews little kart (think its a manco) that has a couple bent wheels we want to just flatout replace all 4 wheels on. While looking, I've seen some "regular" split wheels that require an additional hub to attach to rear axle and float on front spindles...
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    steering wheel quick release hub?

    Hey everyone, i am looking to add a "race kart" steering wheel quick release hub to my Manco American Express kart frame that i recently picked up that has no steering wheel on it, and hoping someone here can help me out since none of the vendors seem to list the size of the hex nut used with...
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    wtb Manco AmEx/Dingo seat

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a seat cover for a Manco american express/dingo etc for a frame I am restoring, that came with no seat. I know there are new ones that fit but they dont have the side bolster pads I am looking for. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thank you.
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    what size tires are these?

    Hey guys, Ive had this picture saved on my computer for quite a while, and finally picked up my dream frame, the Manco American Express to copy this picture, but have no idea what size/width the wheels and tires are on this go kart, and hoping you pro's can help me figure it out. My other kart...
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    anyone "pitbike" engine a gokart?

    Hey everyone, I am curious how many people on here have put a 110,125,140cc etc "pitbike" engine on a go kart frame? My daughter has a chinese taotao 110cc atv with full auto transmission which has been great for us for the past 4-5 years, and lately have been thinking about putting a...
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    please suggest cheap welder

    Hello everyone, I have never tried welding, so I don't know enough to pick a cheap welder to learn on, so please help me figure out which welder I need. I want a cheap one since I am just learning, but I don't know if I need a tig, mig, stick etc etc, nor do I have any idea the amperage I...
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    wtb: 10 inch pvc pipe end bells

    Hello everyone, I am looking for unwanted "bells" from the ends of 10 inch pvc pipe. It seems like pretty much everyone that makes (atleast ones that dont buy hdpe) "drift sleeves" use 10 inch pvc pipe and cut the "bell" ends off and have no use for them. With my tires, its the opposite, I...
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    tie rod length?

    Hey everyone, I am looking to replace my old bent seized up cheap tie rods, and "uograde" while I am at it. Right now my kart has the typical cheapo 3/8"-24 right hand/right hand thread male tie rod and cheapo female rod ends. Right now they measure about 11.5" from eye to eye. I am looking to...
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    Carter Bros 1215 spindles? and other parts?

    Hello everyone, I am looking to rebuild an old (guessing late 80's, early 90's) Carter Brothers 1215 live axle single seater go kart and hoping someone can help me track down steering spindles that can work with this kart. While rebuilding the kart, i have been able to find pretty much...
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    max-torque ss clutch tuning?

    Hey guys, I picked up a 10 tooth #41 chain 3/4" shaft max-torque ss clutch for my predator 212 hemi powered live axle go kart, and had some questions on "tuning" it to better suit my engine/kart. So far it seems to be doing fine, but I feel like it engages a hair too soon, and doesn't quite...
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    Hello everyone! I am new here and looking forward to being a part of this community. Recently while helping my friend build and engine for his Wrx, we stumbled across his old go kart hiding in the corner of his garage. Needless to say, we pulled that bad boy out and drove it. Brought back so...