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  1. karte_m0lim

    Minibike build

    so, as there was lots of parts from past or broken projects , decided to build mini bike .. plan was to post it in build off thread but as ther is no 2021 , I will psot it here.. as I said , some parts I already have, somo of them are ordered , mostly...
  2. karte_m0lim

    Buggy badland ST3

    hi.. as my last year contender failed ( ) I started new project .. There is video of progress so far : instead 5 speed suzuki DR600 engine, plan is to use scooter engine (with built in torque...
  3. karte_m0lim

    2019 - Buggy DR600

    Hi everyone This is my entry for 2019, but I will not finish it this year, hopefully for next year... The plan is to build two seater with 5 speed motorcycle engine, independent suspension.. Engine donor is Suzuki DR600 and for suspension parts I used seat Ibiza... For frame, plan is to use...
  4. karte_m0lim

    Noob questions - buggy

    Hi .. so plan is to build buggy, two seater, A-arms front suspension and swing arm at back with solid live axle. it will be used on gravel , grass and tarmac, no heavy dutty offroad.. it should look a like spiderkart grand daddy but slightly bigger as...
  5. karte_m0lim

    Trike - gx 140

    so, after my nephew crashed my kart, it sits around backyard for 2 yrs now (kart, not nephew ) and I decide its time do something about it .. few pictures below :
  6. karte_m0lim

    Honda NSR125 on All Kart

    Hi guys ... its been a while .. after my old projects ended ... let's not way i wanted (mz250 seized, my nephew crashed gx140) it was tiem for new project .. so first I got honda nsr 125 ccm engine .. 6 gears, 25 HP and planned to put it on mz250 chassis...
  7. karte_m0lim

    Engine identification needed

    Hi few day ago bought kart with two broken engines. need identification for one of those . it has no ID plate , only KART/HF/6 on block.. it is 2 stroke, 125 ccm, single cylinder, shifter (previous owner said 6 gears), equipped with motoplat ignition and...
  8. karte_m0lim

    F1 Gx 200

    Hi .. few words about this project.. I try to make gokart which looks like f1 car. I used 20 x 20 mm profile, engine is honda gx 200, tyres comes from buggy , gear ratio is 12:1 and top speed should be 30 km/h.. first idea was to use gokart tyres, but...
  9. karte_m0lim

    TC - order on shaft

    Hi guys I am lasy to google it.. My engine shaft is bit to short and I would like to move variomat and clutch to plate as much is possible.. It would save my day if i can change the order of elements on clutch shaft. Currently, it goes plate - spacer- sprocket- spacer - clutch - spacer...
  10. karte_m0lim

    2 questions

    1. Building or driveing, what gives you more fun? 2. Where is Jim... Regarding 1. When everything working I am missing something.. Luckly those are rare moments. :p Second, didnt been here for while, so where is Jim?
  11. karte_m0lim

    Why? Why did I bought this...

    Hi... Its been a while since my last drive, I didnt finish my mz etz 251 kart so I decide to have chrismass a bit earlier and I buy small gokart with honda gx 160 engine with wet clutch and reductor 2:1 ... Anyway my *** is bit 2 heawy so I need do change ratios... Clutch is going 2 hot and...
  12. karte_m0lim

    Potato planter

    so , this is another project, main purpose is to reduce any useful job :p it's about potato planter I wanna to make . I have motocultivator (diesel, 10 HP, pict 0 ) and usually plant around 50 kg of potatoes so I was thinking, let's make this easier. made a small plough (pict 1) , have 20 cm...
  13. karte_m0lim

    Gokart MZ 250

    as you know, old engine is dead so is time to get new one .. So I did... I bought motorcycle engine 250 ccm, 20 HP, 5 speed gearbox.. Got it yesterday so only had time to quick check to see will it fit, looks like it will. Probably gonna cut frame in half and make new back half, make it bit...
  14. karte_m0lim

    formula 1

    yes, I know that I am not finish my current project but thinking forward :p so , I have small 50ccm motor with automatic gearbox like one on the pict: this should be for my 5 yr old son . so for first thing , i planning weld monocoque, separate nose cone and engine support: bolid 1 I...
  15. karte_m0lim

    gokart Fxr 180

    Hi ... year ago I started my project but do not have much time so .. I got 5'' wheels, 180 ccm scooter engine (2 stroke) from gillera runner 180 fxr ... instead of rear wheel I put sprocket and then use conventional transmition via chain. gear ratio...
  16. karte_m0lim

    Hi from King's Landing

    Hi ... I am 35, from Dubrovnik, Croatia .. building my kart for over a year ... almost done :p