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    Mcculloch R1 seat

    Does anyone know if the R1 Mcculloch seat is one or two piece? The seat I have is two pieces. Backrest is separate from the seat.
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    R-1 Coming Along

    Come along way since February. Frame sandblasted and engine rebuilt. Had part of the pan sectioned out and it didn’t look good, so I decided to replace the whole pan. It looks good other than the surface rust. They used a heavier gauge of metal on the pan and I’m sure it has added weight. Also...
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    Gas Tank

    I need to replace the threads on this gas tank. Outside diameter in the new steel bung is 1 3/4. Is this doable or should I look for something larger? I’ve seen kart tanks that have this type of bung and cap setup. Enclosing a picture to show what I’m working with. Ed
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    Color change

    Would painting a vintage kart a different color take away from the value Of the kart? I have a Mcculloch R1, instead of going with yellow, I was thinking Bahamma blue. Any minuses to this? Ed
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    Throttle linkage/powder coat

    Does the throttle linkage have to be taken apart before powder coating? The picture will show what I’m talking about. Ed
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    Rupp Kart Sold/ BAT

    Sold today on Bring a Trailer. Good site and the comments are always interesting.
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    Having my frame sandblasted and called to check on it today. Fellow told me that they go over it with a fine media after the initial stripping of paint. Any thoughts on this? Is it a two stage process, where the initial blast is rough and they smooth it over. Ed
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    Kart ID?

    Any ideas on the make, sorry no other pics. Ed
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    What type of kart?

    I ran across this kart today. Any idea on the make? Ed
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    80 Grit

    Is it ok to hand sand using 80 grit on a steel frame to strip paint and rust? Ed
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    Kart Id

    Is this a Rupp J Kart? The left front axle looks bent. Thanks, Ed
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    Type of Kart

    Looking at this kart, is this an R1? Comes with a McCulloch racing engine, seat and floor mat.