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  1. Kristopherjh83

    Why is it so $&@“ hard for someone to build a reliable cheap gearbox

    Whoever comes up with a 1”input f/n/r gearbox that can handle decent hp and be worth a damn will be America’s next millionaire. After All this time really? No one
  2. Kristopherjh83

    ISO f/n/r gearbox. manco duece comet780tc

    I need the gearbox for manco deuce or gearbox in general rated for higher hp. It has comet 780 tc . Also I need it to have 2 outputs as to push both tires. Everything I find is 30series tc rated and typically one output.
  3. Kristopherjh83

    New member

    Great stuff on here. I recently bought a manco deuce and it needs tlc. Thx for having me and I’ll have questions soon enough.