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    New wiring harness and plug, but no spark.

    It's a Howhit in a Crossfire 150R. The new harness came with new electrical components, which I changed out, except for the stator. It's turning over, but not firing. Help would be appreciated.
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    What is the resistor for on this Crossfire 150R?

    Trying to help my 15 yr old rewire this cart. New wiring harness doesn't seem to have a place for it. The resistor is a small rectangular ceramic, (I think), box with 1 end connected to the starter relay. Wire is broken, so I don't know where it goes to. It does have a fuse in the broken wire...
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    New to this.

    I have a 15 year old that has acquired a Crossfire 150R. It needs wiring, so we will learn together. I look forward to some much needed advice!