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  1. tsimnami

    Predator 301 High Idle

    Hey everyone, Right now I’m running a modified predator 301 on my yerf dog 3020, and I decided to install a 40 series converter to keep up with some of the extra horses I’m making. However, the idle is running pretty high and the kart wants to take off on its own at idle. I’m measured it on my...
  2. tsimnami

    New Brakes - Old Yerf Dog Frame

    Hey everyone, I bought this kart back and june and have been toying around with it since. I recently decided to swap out the terrible stock drum brakes for some new disc brakes. I have the rear axle off the kart, but one of the axle bearings is blocking me from removing the old brake. I’ve tried...
  3. tsimnami

    Clutch not engaging on torque converter

    Hi everyone, I recently bought my first go kart from a friend. It’s in good shape and has a predator 301 on the back. However, the clutch on the torque converter was not engaging, and in consequence, no drive was supplied to the wheels. I found a thread from a few years back where someone had a...