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    locomotive drive

    I figured I would start this thread tonight and follow up in a couple of days when my work settles down. All sorts of small vehicles are being electric powered by batteries, but I spent a few years at a copper mine just as the Terex haul trucks were taking over. The haul truck itself weighed...
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    what am I missing?

    Is there a post length limit here? I have tried a few times to post the details of a proposed build and ask some questions, but after a few sentences I seem to "run up a stump" and the post freezes up. Prob'ly something I am dong wrong, but I figure I should check in with the mods before...
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    Hello from the New Mexico desert

    I have reached that point most of us wish for where I am retired for the most part except for a few things I still make in my machine shop and I have a lifetime's worth of junk laying around to use for building stuff I like....and I like vehicles powered by small engines, muzzle loading cannons...