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    Clutch Positioning

    Predator 212 6.5 hp Centrifugal Clutch lining the clutch sprocket up with the axle sprocket causes the clutch to slightly hang off the drive shaft. Is this acceptable if I put a spacer between the clutch and the shaft shoulder in addition to the washer on the end? pictures for better...
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    Predator 212 Speed Reduction

    This post is probably the opposite of what most people desire of their engines. I am restoring a childhood go-kart for my own kids and would prefer it not to hit the top speeds the 6.5 hp predator is able to produce (from video review). I am looking for ways to safely handicap the engine to...
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    How Do I Grease These?

    Are these bearings that have to be fully replaced? And if so where do you find them? Or is there a way to open them up and pack them with grease? The second picture is actually a live axle. I suppose the bearings are more inward.
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    Streaker S-465 Restoration (need help)

    This is a go kart my grandparents got me when I was a kid. I fondly remember cruising around the neighborhood with friends and whatnot. I can't remember what went wrong but she got put in a shed and here she is 20-25 years later back in my possession. Now I am trying to get it safely operational...
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    Old Recalls (Live Axle Protector)

    The Streaker s-465 had a recall on it due to the active rear axle catching people's hair etc and killing them. I doubt they still will perform the recall work anywhere. Is there any recommended sites to get axle covers for the old live axle carts?
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    Hello From Central VA (Streaker S-645)

    (Meant S-465 in title) Howdy! I can across this site looking for information on a vintage streaker I just pulled out of my grandparents shed. Information seems to be pretty scarce so joining the community to help/seek help. This is a kart from my childhood. A Streaker S-465 Pacesetter SN 86303...