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    GX “Green Experiment” – Hybrid Kart

    If I ever build an electric vehicle it will be 48v 1000w. I've thought of using a moped frame with a high power motor and a ton of SLA brick batteries wired in series and parallel with a balance charger. At 48v 1000w any 2-3 wheeled vehicle is street legal with no registration, insurance, or...
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    4 stroke shifter kart build

    Lifan? Sluggish? Noooonononono... bud. See this 'ere bike? This is my friend TJ's bike. It has no engine mods. He has nearly 2K in this motorized bicycle (motorcycle) build. It's a 125cc, and currently hits 68mph with a semi-auto engine (get a full manual by the way). There is so much torque...
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    New kart, Kasea Adventure Buggy Rebuild.

    I got a Kasea Adventure buggy for $100 yesterday. The engine has seen better days. The axle is also wrapped in fishing line, the roll cage slightly bent, and there's a sad paint job. I'm not bothering with the engine, I'm going to put an ATV engine with transmission on it. The engine was...
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    hey i need help picking a motor

    Semi auto gear shift bro. I'm going to build a kart with one of these soon, but they only do 50-60mph. Which I got with my BSP...
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    What do you think? Plastic air filter adaptor

    I just modified the intake. It now accepts the 3/8" hose that comes from the valve cover breather tube. I'm going to test this on my 79cc motorbike and see if any oil blocks the tube.
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    I broke it

    I dropped a predator 212 and broke off the spark plug cap. It is snapped in two. I've been looking around and, people don't sell these things like other parts. What are my options for a new spark plug boot?
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    What do you think? Plastic air filter adaptor

    So, I test fitted the first model. If I didn't break off that bottom piece it would have fit without the nuts running out of thread... anyway here's some pics. I finished the second model and it's perfect. Fits much nicer too. The second model is in the last two pics.
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    What do you think? Plastic air filter adaptor

    Even better, a finished one! This took exactly 3 hours to print. I broke off the bottom 1/4" of it by accident (pulling these parts off the print bed can be tough, especially with the flat surface that was printed around it to hold it on during printing). I don't think it will have any trouble...
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    What do you think? Plastic air filter adaptor I'm printing this today. I find it very interesting, perhaps the plastic may work on a predator. I guess we shall see. I'll be using this filter...
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    Wrong area, but need a part

    If anyone has a spare hemi predator push rod I really need one and can pay for shipping. I'm about to rebuild an old dingo with a predator 6.5hp. Thank you!
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    Quick Question

    On the 212 hemi, can I block off the breather tube to the valve cover or does it need a small air filter? Because I'm taking the stock air cleaner box off. Thanks
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    Cheapest 1" shaft TC Interesting...
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    More predators for 80 bucks. Yaaaaaaa