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    Go Kart building

    Check out your local scrap yard for curved parts you need. Like an old dolly and your 1/2 way there. Good luck
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    Is it possible??

    Is it possible?? Is a question. The story tells my ideal. The ending asked for help from the wise to share their knowledge. Some things don’t need to have practical sense. Should I spend all that time and...
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    Is it possible??

    I’m new at electric motors with the all the different sizes , voltages some with gear reductions and of course battery’s. What I have a simple yard kart. Has a solid axle and a double flange hub with bearing on driver’s side. 2 new 3 horse gas engines with matching clutch’s. It has 18” tires...
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    New member likes to make old toys new with a twist.

    Hello. I had a new tri-sport when I was 8 and started wrenching on it at age 10 simple stuff like spark plug, cleaning the carb bowl, adjust the cables, chain and painting. My dad paid $318 new. 9 years later I sold it for $250. The $ went in my piggy bank for a car. When my son turned 9 I...