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    Completely unnecessary but hopefully cool bar stool racer - Texas Edition

    Here's my take on a bar stool racer, starting with a frame from Comet Kart Sales. The frame... not very attractive welds... it looks like someone had other things to do but everything is solid. My major goal with this build is to be able to fit it under the tonneau cover on my truck, with...
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    Confused about tire options

    I picked up some old carts a few months back and also bought a live axle and some home made front suspension, both had aluminum wheels and firestone tires that are pretty old. The rear tires are where my confusion comes from, they are 6.5/11.5-6 but the wheel measures 9" wide. The contact patch...
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    Glutton for punishment

    Hey all, Tim here from Austin Texas. I picked up 3.125 go karts this afternoon and will be sharing my experiences along with seeking wisdom from you knowledgeable folks.