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    IP cameras

    So if you followed the great New River easement wars of 2018 you know I invested in some cameras to see all around my property. Well I've bought more that can't be connected to my DVR and just run on the WiFi. I have some creative ideas on where to mount them but their stupid power transformers...
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    man I'm a knucklehead sometimes

    Dang ol boat wouldn't start last weekend, sounded like the starter was grinding gears.... sound familiar? Sound like THIS old thread?! well I didn't remember it! I had my battery on the charger and confirmed it was "fully charged" but didn't think to use my load tester on the battery, still...
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    Might come up on a Polaris Hawkeye!

    My neighbor has a 2006 Polaris Hawkeye in need of some rear end repair. From what I understand I'll need to buy new rear axles and seals. She says the motor is strong, the rear end is not assembled currently and I'll post pics later. I might be able to get the quad for less than $200, should I...
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    more work on the thermostat housing

    been a while since I posted about my 94' Four Winns with OMC 3 liter but here I am again. I ordered a new cast housing from ebay which showed less damage than mine. Problem is the housing gets so rusted out it allows water around the t-stat and the engine never gets up to temperature. So I...
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    My Dyna is sick, please help!

    So the voltage regulator went bad on my 2003 FXDX which I discovered by the battery smoking profusely under my seat in a McDonalds drive through. I tested the system and it was seeing roughly 19V+. I put a new voltage regulator on it and it was good again. However a few short weeks later it was...
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    Internet speed and whatnot

    As a start (before I launch off the rails in to the deep end) why does show drastically faster speeds than "internet speed test" by Google's partnership with Measurement Lab (M-Lab) on the exact same PC/router/modem/browser?!
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    motorized push scooter?

    The scooter I had growing up looked nothing like the Razors of today. The small wheel Razor doesn't work very well on the hard New River dirt. I just fixed a neighbor's 4 stroke weed whacker (thanks to Nextdoor) and he gave me 3 non running whackers along with cash for my services. So it...
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    Ryan done gone did it again.

    like Mindy, I have an uncontrollable drive to get things I like, got this turd for a steal! totally gutted it's the perfect blank canvas for... travel trailer? mobile office? mobile workshop? storage? oh my the possibilities! or just flip fast for a few hundred, so hard to decide but hey, if...
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    Gate latch/lock suggestions

    Alright, I absolutely love the sense of security locking my driveway gives me now that 100% of the lot is fenced it, that coupled with the dogs free to roam the whole thing of course. I know someone could still get in but like my dad always said, it's easier for them to break in somewhere else...
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    foolin around with powder coat (finally)

    It was either Christmas or a birthday several years ago that my youngest sister bought me the Harbor Freight powder coat machine. I immediately jumped on Craigslist and found a free 220V oven. I made sure the oven worked but I never opened the powder coat until yesterday. I plan to build a legit...
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    Christmas light quasi emergency

    My old lady is super proud of her laser light display, so of course my dad accidentally ran over the extension cord destroying my cord and her power supply. I can mend my cord. How about this power supply-can I just attach one of my 12V power supplies to it?
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    Milwaukee 1 1/2" Rotary Hammer carbon brushes?

    My neighbor loaned me his rotary hammer drill to set all those T posts for my fence project. As I drilled the last one sparks came out of the casing and the hammer died. I messed around in my garage and cleaned the brushes with a file and once together the drill briefly fired back up. I believe...
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    framing experts please help me out

    A sequel to the wood stove post I'm getting the chimney installed and riding the struggle bus. Well really the challenge is framing the support box. I have a "roof supported" installation. The chimney is passing through the roof where an old patio was enclosed. My joists are 24" on center and I...
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    Hey guys and gals, if you haven't signed up for yet there's no better time than as you read this post. It's social media for your specific neighborhood. You can promote your small business, help your neighbors reconnect with lost pets, gossip about the road construction, etc. My...
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    The Harbor Freight V Twin I need to build a winch capable of 50 MPH or more. (This is getting out of hand I know) I believe the 22HP engine could power it, but what transmission? Maybe I could get...