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    slow progress on Kohler Twin Kart

    Well The hot weather came back to us here in central Texas so I had to take a break on the work on my new kart but today I was able to make some progress.
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    cooler weather here in Central Texas. Time for a new build

    Now that the weather has cooled down so my shop doesn't feel like an oven I can begin on a new kart build. Worked this past weekend on frame and front suspension. Here's what it looks like so far.
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    My ebay find, front suspension

    Wow I feel lucky today. For $61.00 plus shipping I got all the parts for a complete front suspension less shocks. I won them from the atv parts section on ebay. I got both upper control arms plus lower control arms with ball joints, front spindles, front hubs with mechanical shoe type front...
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    gearing with jackshaft, belts, and sprockets

    :confused: I got a Kohler CH20 twin for almost nothing and although this engine is way way too much for a kart I can't resist the urge to build a kart that will use it. I have purchased a used NORAM 1800 in an 1 1/8" bore for the engine and the double groove pulley will drive 2 "B" section...
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    Hydrostatic drive

    I have attached a picture of an Eaton 700 series hydro motor. These are totally self contained having a reservoir, a keyed input shaft, and keyed out put shaft, has forward and reverse activated by a lever. These hydro motors are variable speed in both directions and have a max input RPM of...
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    where's all the mini chopper frames and parts

    He there. About 8 or so years ago when I built a custom mini chopper you could get all kinds of parts on eBay including frames, now all it seems you can find are parts for china made store bought mini choppers. Why are the others gone? And what happened to Reaper mini choppers?
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    My new "Scorpion" kart

    I just finished the major build of my "Scorpion" 3 wheeled reverse trike go kart. I got the plans online and changed them up abit to suit what I wanted. Now I need to hook up all the wiring and switches for the small headlights and the tail lights and the electric starter that will go with the...
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    Help Please

    Hi. I just finished building a kart for my grand children and I have a steering problem. I think I have the distance between the front axle and rear axle too short. The kart reacts too quickly when the steering wheel is turned. I have 14" rear tires and 12" front tires (4" wide slicks) Plus...