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    no time anymore "frankenstein"s gotta go

    kart has been sitting since about oct. it was undergoing some major upgrades but didn't completely finish them all so it will still need some work to finish . working crazy hours with new longer have the time for it. MUST BE WILLING TO come pick it up in new bedford ma! lots of info...
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    custom 2 seater offroad kart

    frankenstein is up for sale.............. it does need a little work....just don't have the time! asking $1200 obo. info on the kart is on my blog page! me for phone number if interested
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    great wheeling project truck!

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    funder wheels kart FREE !

    i have an older funder wheels kart that is just taking up space. it is the indy body type ( does have some cracks and a sm piece of front wing broken off) missing the rear wheels and maybe some drive components. has the steering column with throttle and brake controls. has original 3 hp...
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    what are used hondas worth?

    i have a chance to pick up a bunch of honda engines ( prob about 12-20) that range between gx 270 and gx390 in the near future. they are installed on mortar mixers currently that are going to the scrap yard. all the engines are pretty clean and run well. my question is.......what do you think...
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    Manco Frame

    Older Manco frame, needs a new home. Good project kart, no suspension, dead axle, scrub brakes. Located in New Bedford, MA. Pick up only. First $20 takes it.
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    Manco Dingo Front End Pics?

    Recently acquired a Manco Dingo, and I would like some nice clear pics of the front end set up on one, as I am pretty sure mine is wrong. The tie rods tend to hit the back sides of the gas and brake pedals, if either are depressed half way or more, and then you steer. I find it hard to believe...
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    kids quad w/ B&S engine

    here's a little quad (chinese ) frame with a brand new 205 cc briggs installed on it. 10t centrifugal clutch, linked to a 20t on jackshaft,....reduced down to a 10t which connects to the 37t axle sprocket. this little thing has balls ! put together for nephew, but he is afraid of it and now...
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    cent clutch stays engaged?

    was tinkering with a friends kart the other day ( new throttle cable setup) after starting it up the centrifugal clutch stays engaged ( even at an idle) and the kart will take off. stomping on the brakes will stall the engine.( honda gx270) i removed the clutch and inspected it. as far as i...
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    6hp tecumseh

    6.0 hp tecumseh sport with a working cent. clutch. #35 chain. clutch drum is a bit rusty but works fine. just fired up engine today. was sitting in basement for the last year but fired right up and runs great. muffler was repaired before i got the motor but is still pretty quiet. $75 or may...
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    I need an oddball axle! HELP, please!

    Can anyone tell me where to find a 1" solid steel axle, keyed the full length, and is 50" long. I am in the process of putting twin disc brakes on the rear of my kart and the old axle is in rather tough shape, and isn't keyed all the way, which severely limits where I can mount the brakes. Any...
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    new guy here

    just thought i would say and show you guys my buggy/kart project dubbed "Frankenstein" here is the link to my blog page about it. would welcome any suggestions!
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    420 cc gas tank and stock muffler

    came off a lifan 420cc. will fit a 390.... metal gas great cap is not original and has a small dent on it. i'm guessing about 2 -2.5 gallons $ 15 also stock muffler for same engine. decent shape. $20 picked up in new bedford ma. have a bunch of misc cart...
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    funderwheels kart

    i have an older funderwheels kart for sale. it is missing the tires and wheels and i think the drive cog type pulley. would make someone a great parts kart. asking $75 must be picked up in new bedford ma. has a flattie briggs.....looks to be original, and in great shape.
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    Saying Hello!

    Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Charlie and I have been tinkering with karts for about 2 years. I just started a blog page about my kart, for those interested. My current project, dubbed "Frankenstein", started out as a Carter 2910 TH. It has undergone quite a few changes...