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    Bent axle, can I use NLA part number to match aftermarket replacement?

    Hi there everyone! Murray cart model: gt60504x92a axle PN: 1201084 Googling this leads you to a bunch of companies that list every known part number to funnel you to their site to find that they don't offer the part you're looking for. There seems to be a lot that I need to take into account...
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    Please help with figuring out what I need(engine and drivetrain)

    We're going ahead with a Predatore 212 and will be cleaning everything up to see if we can't get it all back to good working order, thanks for both the info and links! Can I ask how I would go about determining the length of belt I need? Do I need to wait for the engine to arrive to measure...
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    Method of converting finger throttle to pedal throttle?

    Hi there guys! I found a great deal on a Predator 212 engine but am curious about one thing. What's the common method of converting a hand turtle-to-rabbit throttle to one that can be operated by the cokart throttle cable? Is there a go-to conversion kit or is it something that needs to get...
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    Please help with figuring out what I need(engine and drivetrain)

    Hi there everyone! I've recently picked up a Murray cart (model: gt60504x92a) and a box of parts making up not enough engine. I've decided to purchase a new engine and it looks like I'm going to need to figure out what torque converter I need. Here's some pics of what it's got now...
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    Hello there!

    Hi there, folks! My potential future son-in-law and I were waxing nostalgic about our past days of fun with bikes, trikes and things with four wheels. As probably has happened with a lot of the members here, this led to an impulse purchase on Facebook of a fixer-upper that represented the end...