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    Flathead vs. Predator

    I'm a little conflicted here, I was gonna start calling JTSpeedDemon "Boy Wonder" Stolen from Facebook.
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    Flathead - Controlled valve float - slapper cams I've tried to explain this a couple of times. Unfortunately I don't think I did an adequate job. This old tech article from Dynocams does a much better job. I think it's important for flathead guys to...
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    Bearing sidecover (stock Briggs)

    No longer available.
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    Briggs Raptor rods #555207

    No longer available.
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    Steam powered mini

    Stolen from Facebook.
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    CVTech Series 06 Another 1" bore clutch option.
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    A few pics from the Dragway

    Jr. Dragsters, Jet cars, cool cars. Larry Dixons two seater.
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    Arc kit
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    What's on the grill?

    First time grilling for me this year. Beer Brats, Kingsford Competition charcoal, chunks of Applewood, and a little Sweet Baby Rays. Oh, and plenty of alcoholic, or non (we don't discriminate here) beverages for all.
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    It's cold out there. -10°f -20°f wind chill. South West Michigan
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    Malcolm Young RIP

    6 January 1953 – 18 November 2017
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    V plex 2 speed clutch
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    good advice for ethanol users

    Everyone knows ethanol can cause problems.
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    Samsung Galaxy and Bixby

    Finally with the latest Bixby update you can kill the annoying Bixby button, without having to use third party utilities that Samsung broke anyhow.
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    Dyno for sale I'm tempted, but can't justify it.