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    I'm back

    Hey guys... Haven't been on the forum for like 2 years now so forgive me if I'm rusty. Have a good one!
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    I cant find the wheels

    Hey guys I was trying to find 11 inch wheels that have a 1 inch bore with a keyed hub. In other words I need 11" wheels that go on the rear of the kart. I looked for hubs and wheels separately, but i could not find any that had matching bolting patterns. So to sum it up, 11 inch dia. wheels, 1...
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    Hey guys I know its been a while, My question was: How much weight will a predator 212 push if the gear ratio is 12:45 (I know someone is going to correct me on whatever mistake i made there). If you need to know, I want to be able to go at least 23 MPH. (u guys are going to say something...
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    rear tires

    anyone have rear wheels that have a keyed hub can give u a starting price but around $10 per wheel
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    a noobs kart

    hey guys. back again. so basically i started to build my first kart and so far i have all the steel for the frame which is 1 inch square thick wall tubing (pics will be up a little later sorry:o) and ill only be able to work on the weekends (school). got myself a little flux core 90 amp from hft...
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    Where do u get ur metal from

    Hey guys i think this has been done before but where do all of u get ur metal from?
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    hey guys. i was doing the plans for my go kart and i was wondering if theres a specific geometry you have to use for where the tie rods and spindles are supposed to be located. I'm using the pitman arm setup and if u need dimensions i wud be happy to provide them
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    HFT welder

    Hey guys I'm back again I got a Chicago electric 90 amp flux welder form harbor freight for 90 bucks. I want to use it to weld the regular 2.4 mm wall tube. Do you think it will work?
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    cool kart

    hey guys. I was lookin at pics of go karts and came across this. do u guys think its doable? BTW i was asking because me and my dad are planning to make a cool kart :huh:
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    Aluminum thickness

    Hey guys I was just wondering if 0.095 inches is a good aluminum circular tubing wall thickness (4 a yard kart frame). Thanks 4 ur help
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    Should i get this bender

    Hi guys i was wondering what bender i should get and i found this a harbor frieght for $100 do you think i should get it? :o heres a link to the product page
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    Rear suspension

    Hi again, If anyone could give me a diagram or something for a rear suspension idea that would be great! And to all of u awesome karters (if that's the term used, lol) thanks for everything!:thumbsup:
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    Kart plans???

    Hey guys, it's my first build and I know everybody hates a noob, but do any of u awesome people have a full suspension kart plan that I cud base mine off of. If u do that wud be great! :o
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    duromax 7 hp electric start engine

    Hi guys, Im new to this whole making a go kart thing an I would like to kow if the duromax 7 hp electric start engine is a good motor and also if anybody has used it could you plz post a pic or something on how to attach a throttle cable on this motor? Thanks, A noob :huh: