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    The second cart

    Found this one for a $150.00 engine is still strong I gave it a little tlc, seat is in great condition until I got overspray on it! Which reminds me we painted it primer gray with wine red accents not finished yet had to put it back together when the kids came by for a quick spin around the...
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    torque converter question

    Still learning this whole kart building/maintaining thing so bear with me please. I need to know if you can run a tcv with a dead axle cart, if so would I need a series 30 for the predator 212cc.
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    Custom Predator 212cc

    I can't stand stock! :devil2:
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    Custom Decals

    Was trying to have a custom decal made for kart having a difficult time finding a place to make one.Wondering if anyone has had one made and willing to share info and pics.Thx.:cornut:
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    clutch problems? Need advice

    :censored: I have a max torque cent clutch that was working fine first couple runs, than as kart came to a stop clutch would not disengage back to idle. Could this be a bad clutch that needs replacing or could I disassemble clutch and replace bad springs or what nots. Any and all help or advice...
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    restored unknown kart

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    bad clutch?

    Just ran the go kart for the third time and the clutch just started to not disengage I have a max torque cent clutch any suggestions as for repairing or buy a new one? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.:mad:
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    new guy new builder

    Glad to be part of this great forum!Working on getting rebuild pics of the PORK CHOP EXPRESS!!! I think I have an old manco don't really know I saved her from the trash last year. This kart has given me trouble every step of the way, but I finally got it running.