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    EZ-out : repair a broken bolt

    I'll offer another solution to the same problem. If a bolt is rusted in and stuck,, it is not likely anything is going to extract it in one piece. Best bet is to drill it in the absolute center with a small drill, then increase the size of that hole in small increments until you can re-tap the...
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    Forge build...

    Again, glad to see people heating and beating iron and steel again, since my generation of blacksmiths is fading fast from the planet. Please do not fail to look over some of the blacksmith forums for knowledge and projects whether you join or not....blacksmiths are usually eager to pass things...
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    Need a smaller drive shaft

    Unless the sprocket collar is hardened.... uxcell Chucking Reamer 17mm, H7 Tungsten Carbide Lathe Machine Reamer 4 Straight Flutes, Round Shank Milling Cutting Tool, for Metal Non-Ferrous Metal Copper: Industrial & Scientific you can correct the sprocket instead f the shaft......Joe
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    Adjustable Spindle Brackets

    When we were setting caster on the old solid axle pickup trucks, there were wedges that we bolted between the axle and the spring bundle that adjusted the "tilt of the axle", and the process involved alternately switching around the position and thickness of the wedges, then driving the truck on...
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    1300 pound go kart? How fast will it go?

    I would be tempted to go with the preditor that has electric start, then add another engine. With a pair of them, you could always get home if one of them failed. VERY nifty project and nice execution of the complements......Joe
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    locomotive drive

    I figured I would start this thread tonight and follow up in a couple of days when my work settles down. All sorts of small vehicles are being electric powered by batteries, but I spent a few years at a copper mine just as the Terex haul trucks were taking over. The haul truck itself weighed...
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    what am I missing?

    Is there a post length limit here? I have tried a few times to post the details of a proposed build and ask some questions, but after a few sentences I seem to "run up a stump" and the post freezes up. Prob'ly something I am dong wrong, but I figure I should check in with the mods before...
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    Hello from the New Mexico desert

    I have reached that point most of us wish for where I am retired for the most part except for a few things I still make in my machine shop and I have a lifetime's worth of junk laying around to use for building stuff I like....and I like vehicles powered by small engines, muzzle loading cannons...