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    New front forks for the MBX10

    Decided to try and build a new set of forks for my mini bike since the ones I have are bent. I went to the depot and picked up a 36" stick of 3/16"x2" flat stock for 12 bucks. The "roll cage" that came with the Yellow Jacket kart I have was cracked in two places so I figured I could cut it up...
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    Good deal or no?

    Guy is asking 150, might offer 75. I know it's just a frame, but not real sure what a naked racing frame is worth Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Ohio

    It came with a sort of roll cage that was bolted on, and the back end of the frame was boogered up real good. It was pretty weak so I took it apart and strengthened it up a bit and added a couple gussets. I feel like I could stand on it now😁 ---------- Post added at 02:48 PM ---------- Previous...