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    When answering that simple ad turns into....

    ... one of these. Complete with her original Hands Wheels and dual motor mounts. Good lordy. HEHE! They're out there folks... ya just gotta dig.
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    Storytime... (the fate of the Sarge)

    Storytime... In April of 2013, a little go kart was born right here on DIY. Many knew of it, perhaps she even had followers. Among all the ones I'd built, this one seemed to pass the test of time. Always drawing smiles everywhere she went... even taking on real race karts at times and leaving...
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    CycleKart Progress

    Seeing I started here with my original rides, things progressed into Cycle karts. Although not done yet, may I present my latest project, coming together quite nicely. We call her Sargette' Thanks for lookin.
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    Still around

    Hi all, Just a quick hello. I'm still alive. Sarge is also well and will be going on year 5 soon. As usual, she's always a work in progress. Sarge got a new bag and some other goodies recently. I'll be back around when it warms up to finish up the mailman kart. Yep.
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    Utah, and 200 bucks.

    Forum is broken.
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    Utah and 200 dollar days

    And what do I bring home? Yep, stay tuned. Notes in the pics.
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    The mailman

    Should I? Yep! In honor of the man that brought me up... and the fact that he was a mailman his entire life... this one's for you Dad. Seeing the DJ5 Mail Jeep came out in 1955, I can give it a little special flair. Crappy photoshop job on Sarge has me with my next project. I got room for...
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    Day out athe racetrack

    Sorry guys, no gopro video just yet, broke the thing during the actual racing. Anyway, Ole Sarge... at home at her track... where she was born. A good day running around and officially, there's 135 drives on her, and it's 4 & 1/2 years old now. Video next weekend for y'all.
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    Where'd that Free(somethingorother) guy go? I found his go kart, right here in Utah! What do y'all think? Which would win here? Harbor Freight wheels, or these beauties? I'll say the training wheels.
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    Driving with the KK.

    No, there's only 2 K's there. Anyway, a weekend off had me invited to drive with a group here in my area that's evidently been doing it for years. Every Saturday, they get out & drive in a warehouse parking lot and have permission to do it. These guys locally call themselves Kovert Karts...
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    The Gladiator

    Let's have a pro-con thing here. Look at this photo & tell me your thoughts. Any will do. I'm thinking about doing this locally & springing the idea on a group of karters I hang with. LOL!
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    The fate of Urban Defiance, the 1st Kart rod.

    Resurrected. MUA HA HA HA! As much as I loved doing the kartrods & making oh... 5 different versions of sarge... there can be only one sarge. Anyway, Sarge II's frame... welp... meet Urban Defiance II. A slammed street racer, just like she was meant to be. Best part, I tested this frame so...
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    The Sarge Chronicles.

    Seeing I've landed where I have with my trusty Sarge Kart being the only one that survived 4 year whirlwind of kart creationism, I thought it might be fun to write her story from beginning to end. Anyone that followed along my last lengthy post (the kartrods) might remember bits I pieces, but...
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    And up today, another fun sighting here in Utah... Yours today... just 500 bones gets you this totally slick ride. LOL!
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    Ole Sarge is...

    ... well, not back. She's been around for 4 years & 3 months roughly... but I thought I'd swing by & say hi again to y'all seeing I've been absent for a bit. Anyhoo, sarge is alive & well, run often. And... evidently, she has a sister. The cyclekart... Sargette.