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    A couple weirdo mini bikes for cheap. Western WA If I wasn't already into my build-off project, I might go pick these up myself just to tinker around with. 100 bucks though for 2 bikes, a frame and a bucket of parts.
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    2015 - Granddaddy build-off entry

    Ok, after posting this in the wrong section TWICE, hopefully the third time's the charm. So here's my entry to the build-off. Granddaddy from Spidercarts. And then a slightly better picture with the wrong date. haha [/URL][/IMG]
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    New guy from WA Granddaddy build

    I'm 33 and live in Graham, WA. Just started building the Granddaddy from Spidercarts. This will be my first go kart/buggy even though I've wanted one since I was a kid! Anyway here are a couple pics of my progress so far. [/URL][/IMG] This is the main frame. [/URL][/IMG] Working on the...