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    Fantic Broncco TX5 SCORE

    I'm a huge fan of the Predator 212s, although they DO look goofy with the cylinder banked to the rear. May I humbly suggest a Briggs 3 1/2hp? It would look fairly correct and they put out nice hp.
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    Will this work for a Hemi 212?

    Cool! Thx for the info! I already bought the 22, so I'm glad I can use it.
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    Will this work for a Hemi 212?

    Hi guys. So this is a, "This is what I'm going to try, any caution flags to watch out for?" thread. I have a brand-new, still in the box Hemi 212. I plan on mounting it vertical for bicycle use, and to do so, I am: 1.) Grinding off the stock slinger and bolting on a Briggs Slinger that angles...
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    Go-kart engines not many people use but should

    AGREED. Even stock, you have a package that'll get you to an easy 45 mph.
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    Gone forever, but this forum is still in my blood!

    Thanks. Gonna browse through the threads and see what everyone has been up to. I still have a few ideas I'd like to try, but they're going to be bicycle based. :)
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    Gone forever, but this forum is still in my blood!

    Hi guys! I just wanted to check in and say "Hi". I know it's been forever- (LIFE has a way of getting in the way), but it's great to see that everyone is still doing what they were doing the whole time... Tinkering To Go Fast. BRIEF UPDATE. No karts, very few of my engines and cool parts/pieces...
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    JerryAssburger's Cleaning House!

    Well, all my whining and moaning about Arizona has paid off, in that we are moving to Colorado SOON. The downside of this is that some stuff has to go. I'm selling my Manco 2 seater with 6.5hp Clone for $200 for starters,(Phoenix Craig's List) and the small trike and bike frames are going to the...
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    Good deal!...

    Mods, yank this out of here after the auction completes, but HERE is a decent (not perfect) 2 stroke motor(s) deal.... If I had the $ I'd get it...
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    Yes, this does happen...!

    This is a true story, and I'm going to NOT drop names to protect the mechanically naive. As part of cleaning/making room in our back yard, I had an old roto-tiller to give away. A friend wanted it, so since it was for a friend, I bolted on one of my better B/S 3hp engines onto it. (It's a pretty...
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    The US820 Thread.... Go 2-Strokes!

    Mods can pull this thread off if they want, but I wanted to start a thread to compile as much knowledge/experience as possible on this motor. This is pretty-much the best out-of-the-box 2-stroke motor for our sport. The web-site is pretty informative:
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    Rotax Initiative Project... or "R.I.P."!!!

    I guess I gotta start this thread here, because right now, it's just a greasy lump and an idea. Once again I was bit by the Ebay Bug recently and picked up a Rotax 302 SnoMo engine for $57... shipping included! I'll take pictures, but it's basically about the same size/weight as a B/S 8hp with...
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    Russ' 3.8l V6.... ideas?:idea2:

    ....this sounds like a theoretical conversation the Wrights had long ago; something like, "How come the birds get to crap on others from up above, and WE don't?... Too bad we can't do anything about that...." This thread is in the GoKart section because more than likely, it would have 4 wheels...
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    All things PAINTED.

    Hi guys- I'm starting this hopefully as a resource for all of us to tap into. If this is a thread somewhere else on the forum, plz cancel it. I won't be butt-hurt. I have at this point, very little to contribute to this thread except a tiny bit of personal experience. So far, I'm learning that...
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    LowRider Ver 2.0 #2

    The only update here is, I've purchased all the bearings/parts to finish the secondary clutch/shaft and the front fork.... just no time to get to them. Also I've contacted a famous YouTube Video producer, who will help me shoot a 4 minute video (with added drama and techno-beat) of me...
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    Hello, fellow Kart-kateers!

    I really don't remember how I found the DIU Karts forum, but it's been huge fun for me ever since. The people I've met here and the things they've posted are awesome. Used to have a cruddy old minibike when I was kid, and messed with junky motors. Years later, I discovered Harbor Freight, and...