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    Drag racing anyone?

    I am just wondering if there is anyone on the east side of North Carolina or southern Virginia area that meet up and race mini bike and gokart s, please lemme know!?!? Tracks are closed so I cant race my mustang so I'm spending money on my small engine stuff now lol
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    Clutch suggestions....

    Ok, I just recently rebuilt my son 212cc none hemi engine. It's on a typical race kart. Engine now has acr billet rod, dynocams 265 camshaft, head shaved .080 and ported, 22lb valve springs, pvl flywheel and a .670 bored carb. Makes great power to 8k, seems like it wants to go higher but I'm not...
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    Raptor 3 cylinder head cc!

    I have a raptor 3 engine and I want to purchase a acr billet head. Could anyone tell me what the stock cc head is so I'll know what cc to order?? I'd like to know what my compression will be, help!
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    Hard starting 212cc!!

    Hey guys, I have a predator 2l2cc on my son racing kart. Engine mods are 22lb springs, govenor removed, higher compression head that's been ported a lil bit, jetted carb, and advanced timing key. Ran great all last year, now when I pull it to start the whole kart comes up off the ground lol. But...
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    From North Carolina😁

    Sup homie, name is abdul. I have a mini project I'm workin on just to drag race up n down the street with some buddies. Just picked up a gx200, I removed the governor, installed a bsp4 cam, green stripe 10.8 springs, jetted carb, and now I wanna maybe shave the head a lil bit and port it. This...