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    Project #2 (my kart)

    Found this on Craigslist for $200obo I walked with it for $160 Rolling Chassis + Body Needs lots of TLC has Van K wheels im going to put my clone Motor pictured i just built and some other little things on it go out to eastbay raceway on the dirt track have some fun but i thought for the...
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    Old Skool Kart project

    :idea2: Take the 4 bolts out of the adapter plate weld it on center to the New hub using the Rim or other 3 bolt hub to get my marks Drill 3- 2.5/ 1/4 holes and We can run american 3 bolt wheels ( i only have a welder and Drills so this would be $$ effective vs a machinist) :cheers2:
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    Old Skool Kart project

    Hey everyone, Found this Kart in the Trash so i took it and stripped it down all the steering joints and spindles were seized up but a Torch and some PB catalyst took care of the stubborn ones heres some pics of when i got it, and stripped down, the Motor is a kawasaki but i purchased a new...