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    pimp ma ride....

    sorry guys was busy too much, but got a bit done on the car- Dual tip exhaust muffler Iridium spark plugs ECU Reset (so that it can set a "better" mapping) here are the pics 'design
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    Sign Help for Film Set!

    This is outta topic but....... How about a license plate with "texas" on the top and "GKARTALLEY/KARTALLEY" on the bottom? You can hang this on the center of the shop The book is awesome by what I've read. excellent language and writing skills!! I'll improvise the logo or make a new one if...
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    pimp ma ride....

    thanks Fab. the car is somewhere around 60 on idle (if my ear functions right) and will easily touch 95 in the 2.5-6k rpm range. legal limit is 85db. :backtotopic: here is the attached pic of the engine bay of my car. since the dzire shares all its mechanicals with the swift (exception- a...
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    Hello people. Atomic customs just got a new project of building a pedal powered atv. We figured out the rest but the live rear axle's bugging us. How do I build the rear axle to fit two bicycle wheels? I do want them and the axle to freewheel together Cheers, DMCdesign
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    pimp ma ride....

    Oh yes. Here is his rally lancer
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    pimp ma ride....

    Ok guys, some update. The car came back repaired and I put the designs on my timeline. It caught the attention of one of my friends who runs a custom shop in the locality. He makes rally cars for local competition and offered to do performance mods for half the price. Here is his ride
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    pimp ma ride....

    I'm afraid so. Here's some pics for good measure And this thing on stock does a 122mph
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    pimp ma ride....

    ok, heres a quick sketch of what my car shud look like after im done wid it I can also do other cars if you like this. LISTEN EVERYONE!! MODDED CARS ON DEMAND!!
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    Calling on all designers

    Hey guys, does anyone have the ability to convert this mediocre sketch into a full blown design. This was a result of timepass gone good Thanks a ton DMCdesign
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    pimp ma ride....

    hello guys. Dis time im here wid an objective of making ma ride fast. My sedan (a swift dzire, only found in india) does a lousy 100mph unlike my suv, powered by a monster diesel that touches a 119. So any of u know of cheap mods that will turn it into a rocket?
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    a battery, finally

    Yeah, u read it right I had almost left the hope of making an e scoot when I stumble upon dis- Will it be right for an outrunner motor?
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    Freedom and Minibikes...... STAGE 2

    alright, today i'm gonna go in the scoot boneyard to get myself a decent front and rear axle assembly. this is my spitball- engine- 80-100cc power- 4.5-8 hp tires- 11- 12" at most front- telescopic rear- swing arm hopefully, I'll get you guys photos
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    JUST engines

    well, lets begin this discussion by seeing which engine is the most lightweight and efficient, LET IT RIP!
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    2014 - Hotwinged

    umm, lets see, Spaceship+ kart + rockets= BAD A55 maybe it will be a BAC mono with wings and rockets
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    Project "What the frack"

    progress people! ok! I had first decided to use bicycle wheels( as in the video below), but thought better of it. how about motorscooter wheels with no suspension? ( the suspension in such a small vehicle seemed pointless anyway...) and here is the model...