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    Couple things for sale....

    Briggs 5hp flatty....never ran this...looks ported. Just the block, internals, head etc. no carb or exhaust. 20$ + ship? 4 motorcycle blinkers 10$ + ship Couple 2 cycle lawn boy engines....make offer I mean if no one wants this its goin in the garbage.....
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    Picked up another toy...

    87' Honda CBR600 Hurricane....running and driving. Price=Cheap as hell :D
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    Lawn-Boy Mower Madness

    Needed a lawnmower....grabbed this one from work and tore her say it all :D Didn't get too extreme as it wont be revved but it Runs like a raped is paint job!!!! I love the look of this mower...wish a knew what year it was..Russ?
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    88 Silverado 4X4

    Just got this truck a couple days ago....88' Silverado 350 4X4 4 speed....sold my Daytona for a grand and bought this for 700. Tore the engine down to freshen up the heads and replace gaskets. Lapped each valve by hand and replaced every valve seal. Painted a bunch of crap too...should be back...
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    Got a KX...

    Just went and looked at a 96' KX250...Got it for $600. Pro circuit pipe and suspension work by Protec. Nice bike...52 HP
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    Lawnboy engine FS

    I have a 2 stroke lawnboy engine for sale...Would work great on go kart/minibike. I completely disassembled the engine and cleaned all the carbon off it, inspected piston etc everything is in great condition. It includes the coil, and i can include the original carb if need be. It is a strong...
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    New Car...

    Got it for 450$...1990 Dodge Daytona ES. Power everything. 3.0 Mitsubishi V6 3 spd. auto. 93,000 miles. Mint interior. Sat outside for years. Paint faded. Runs perfect though. :bannana:
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    M. Jackson

    Died today. The only reason i care is i have some old jackson 5 records, say hello to big money. He was a pedophile anyway
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    Wheres Russ?

    Anyone know where Russ went(Dual lawn-boy engine Russ)? He was about the most knowledgeable member on here. Gotta say i miss him i'm sure others do too :huh:
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    Manly bike F/S This is a good one...:roflol:
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    Sunk the exciter...

    Well, a few days ago the primary clutch on my 89' exciter locked up. I didn't care much, because we didn't have any snow. Well a blizzard came through and we got about 8" or so. So of course i had to fix it to get in that one last ride. I found out that one of the weights went past the roller...
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    1984 IT490 Rebuild thread

    Thought i'd make a thread on my baby... Im soon ordering a piston kit for it. I am also dong a mod to the head where you have to cut the squish band down 8mm at a 30 degree angle. Makes tuning a bit easier and gives a tad more top end. Im going to clean up the frame, replace kicker spring, and...
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    NICE porting!

    Dayum. That's straight up full bore drag porting.
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    We need a CHAT

    i think it would be nice to have a chat thing so we could quick ask questions, etc or just freely talk about stuff. Just a suggestion. :cheers2:
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    Free Mini bike/ hog

    I got a Chopper/ hog thing that has those atv It just doesn't have an engine, which is fine, because those had crappy clones anyway. Im gunna put a 5 hp flatty on it and i can sell it for about 200$ Or it could be a good culprit for a sled engine... Looks like this: :bannana: