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    Clutch for Briggs and Stratton

    Hi, I have a B&S vanguard v-twin (14 hp) and I was wondering if the Comet 94C clutch would work on it. I believe it is a 1-3/16 belt width. So my question is: Is it ok to use this driver clutch on my size engine? Do I need something bigger or smaller or is it just fine?
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    Comet 500 Series

    Comet Duster Clutch Hi everyone, I have a Comet Duster clutch but I don't have a secondary/driven clutch to go with it. I need my secondary/driven clutch to be a 3/4 bore. Does anyone know if there is a secondary/driven clutch that will work with the Comet Duster that meets these specifications?
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    Chain/Sprocket Help

    Hi guys, I have here a question about identifying what size/number chain and sprocket I have. How do you figure out what size a sprocket or chain is if you don't know? I need to be certain.
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    Rupp Scrambler Torque Converter Help!

    Hey guys, I just bought an old Rupp Scrambler (I think?) today and I need help with a torque converter system. The bottom line is I don't know where to find one that will fit it. The engine is 3/4 shaft and the driven is 5/8. I need to buy a torque converter system that will fit 100%. Does...
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    Peerless 700 Transmission Help

    Hello fellas, I'm just gonna cut right to the chase: I'm gonna use a Peerless 700 transmission on my go kart. I understand they are used in lawn mower racing, so they are durable. Anyway I've done some searching around and learned a lot about them. My problem here is that i need a bigger output...
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    Briggs raptor

    Hi everyone,quick question: I am possibly going to buy a briggs raptor, and I don't know how to start it. There is no recoil pull starter. So, how would a person start one that looks like this:
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    Briggs Vanguard Crank

    Hi all i ordered a crankshaft for my 14 hp vanguard v twin briggs engine. I am worried it may not fit. If anyone has any knowledge on these or can help me out here it would be great. My model number is 294447. The crank i bought used came from a model number 294777 engine. I have been able to...
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    Briggs Vanguard Crankshaft Question

    Quick question: I have a briggs and stratton 14 hp vanguard v twin engine that came off of a generator. I'm gonna use it in a go kart. The problem is it had a tapered shaft. Is there a straight crankshaft that would fit the engine? Or does only a tapered one fit. I want to know if I can buy a...
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    Tecumseh Two Stroke Engine

    To any of you who are familiar with these, I have a few questions. I am putting one on my bike. The carb is missing an adjustment screw, so where can I find one online? I can't find any carb kits for it. Are the kits universal? Where are the model numbers found on my engine? It has a gold...
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    Generator engine for go kart?

    Hi all, I have a really nice v-twin Briggs and Stratton engine off of a generator. I would like to put it on a go kart but I have no idea what to do about the tapered shaft. I want to avoid machining it down if possible. Does anyone know of an adapter I can get?
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    Chainsaw Engine Coil

    Hi all, I have a two stroke chainsaw (I can't remember what brand) but I am not getting a spark. I checked the points and everything and all is good. On the coil there was this circular spring button, and when I presses and held it I got shocked and saw a spark. If I release it there is no...
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    Minibike Gear Ratio Help

    I am putting an engine on my bike, which has about 20 inch wheels. I need gear ratio suggestions. The engine I am using is a Tecumseh 3 HP TWO STROKE engine off a snowblower. I need to know what gear ratio to use on this type of engine.
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    Stick Shift Go Kart Transmission and Gear Ratios need help!

    Hi all, I am new here and I was wondering if anyone has tried using a peerless transmission for example, on a go kart. Here is my situation: I have a 14 hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin. I want to make a stick shift go kart with it. I would weld a sprocket to the engine shaft (I have to do...