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    Is the ignition and the gas cap key the same on a 1985 vf750 honda interceptor?

    Yeah, I want to be able to start this bike before I get into tearing it apart. I got it from from my brother after he got it from a guy that wrecked it. BTW he lost the title, and threw the key in a lake near where he wrecked it. IDIOT! Anyway, I assume you can still get a key made from the...
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    New Guy Here.

    HI guys, Sorry for the late Introduction. I live in Knoxville, TN.,I'm Married (20 years), and of coarse I love to build things that move. Anyway..I've tackled many projects in the past but never even thought to document them until they were finished with a quick pic . I know there is a lot of...
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    "Almost Zero Budget Build"

    I have an old 1985 honda Interceptor 750, I would be an awesome restored bike, BUT it has no keys, no title and has not been run in 6 or 8 years. My brother bought it some years ago and let it sit outside for some time, Although it was running last time it was parked, the original owner lost the...