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    what is it

    anyone know what Go kart this is? Thanks
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    McCulloch Chainsaw

    Thank you to all for the advice, it's much appreciated !!
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    McCulloch Chainsaw

    Is a vintage McCulloch 300 chainsaw a good engine to build a Kart motor with? Thank You!!
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    Vintage Wheels

    Thanks Sid, That’s kinda what I thought to but wasn’t sure. Have a Great Christmas I appreciate it James
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    Vintage Wheels

    Anyone know what wheels these are ? Came with Goodyear tires and USA bearings Thanks James-
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    Wanted Carter Brothers 2515- 5" or 6" split wheels need two front and left rear

    Looking for vintage Carter Brothers 2515 - 5" or 6" wheels, I have the original drive wheel with sprocket and hub need 2 front and left rear Thank you!