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    Clutch or torque converter?

    I've got an 11hp Briggs and Stratton Industrial motor that has been ported and polished on my racing kart at the moment and i'm thinking about putting a 13.5hp Harbor Freight blue (also polished and ported) on it in a few months. What clutch or torque converter should I get now that will be able...
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    Surplus Center

    Has anyone used Surplus Center? Are they any good? It seems like every time I call to get an engine, they are out of them. Pros/cons?
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    Topic suggestion

    I have a suggestion for a new FAQ, i've seen a few posts about using hydraulics, and im on a project using it myself but since im a beginner, I have to go to 20 other forums to ask questions. I was wondering if a few people could compile a faq and tutorial about basic hydraulic motors, pumps...
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    Hydraulic controller help

    Im looking to buy a hydraulic controller for my project and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to get. I need to control 4 motors, fwd and reverse, i'll be using 2 hydro pumps. Also, what exactly does 3spool, 4spool, etc mean?
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    Looking to buy a dirt bike/motorcycle engine

    I'm looking to buy an old dirt bike or motorcycle engine, automatic or manual shift. Gas tank not required, just need the engine for a kart. Willing to trade a 12.5hp B&S vertical engine, or cash. Email me at or comment for info.
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    12.5HP B&S engine

    I have a 12.5hp B&S engine off a "weedeater" brand mower, any ideas what its worth, and if someone wants to buy it pm me with an offer.
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    Small diesel engines

    Whats a good site or place to check out small diesel engines? Northern tool, Harbor Freight, and Surplus center have pretty big prices, any ideas?
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    Horsepower relation to CC or CI

    Whats the relation to Hp from CC or CI? I saw that 1hp normally equals 25cc, is that about right?
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    Clone engines?

    Now I may be a superidiot for asking this, but what is the preference of clone engines over originals? What're the pros/cons of clones to originals?
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    Train horn anyone?

    Anyone selling a train horn? Im looking to buy a train horn. I have a tank and compressor, I just need the horns. Any ideas? Or does anyone have them for sale? Ill buy a kit if its cheap enough too.
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    Perkins diesel Is this a good engine? Its 600$ from surplus center. Item No 28-1704
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    Suggestion on Hydraulics

    Would it be possible for someone to post a link to or write a section on hydraulics? With definitions and the like. I was looking in my Surplus Center catalog the other day and I keep seeing the word Spool on valves and I have no idea what it means, along with a good amount of the other words...
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    Engine to hydraulic

    Im going to use one 13.7Hp diesel engine to power 2 hydraulic pumps, these pumps need to run at 3600rpm max each, is it ok to turn both pumps with one engine that runs at 3600rpm total?
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    Octane booster

    Is it safe or smart to run an engine on premium fuel with octane booster? Its a 12.5Hp B&S.
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    Wheel hubs

    I need a wheel hub. 5 lug, preferrable. Its going on a solid axle, so it has to be solid, not free spinning. I cant find one anywhere, preferrably for a 5/8 or 3/4 shaft. Thanks.