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Old 06-29-2010, 01:19 AM
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Default I need pictures of your Comet setup.

I'm very new to the Karting scene and just acquired 2 of them. They both use centrifigal clutches with 420 chains but, apparently the Comet clutch is the way to go? Been looking at different prices and packages of them but, not really sure what to get just yet. I really need to see how these are set up so I know how to start modifying my rear end to accomidate one.

Right now I'm just focusing on one build. It's going to be my personal one, while the other will be for friends.

I'll be running a GX390 which apparently has a 1" shaft. It will have 18" Golf Cart tires, and I'm 210lbs. It will need to perform on pavement as well as off-road conditions, mostly 4 wheeler trails through thick woods.

Thanks again.
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