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Old 08-10-2011, 10:27 PM
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Default custom built gx390, help me chose parts!

Hello! new to the forum! first post!

im looking to build a completely custom gx390 for my kart, but im a bit ignorant when it comes to engines as i have not been around them long enough to do this project on my own.

this is the second time ive re written this as the first one was an essay of questions and i didnt want to exhaust my resources (you!) before i had any. so to start simple..

three questions!

1.) i understand that you can put a stroker crank in to improve low end, and a 90mm bore for better top end, which would theoretically produce more power all the way around. i know where to get the block. but where can i find a 90mm flat top piston? and what is the biggest crank i can put in with having very little milling to the block. (i wanna use a dremmel if anything needed)

2.) i want to put a massive cam in this! but is bigger always better? im an avid AGK guy and use a good bit of there stuff. options are
-.315" lift and 260* duration @ .050" lift.
-.350" lift and 223* duration @ .050" lift.
-.360" lift and 260* duration at .050" lift.
i think its worth mentioning that im going to put a 34mm Mikuni flat slide carburetor on this kart, and a milled head! which leads to my last question!

3.) ported and milled cylinder head, to what specs? (is bigger better?) on the AGK website, cylinder head section, the $275 Big valve cylinder head using 1.5" (38mm) intake valve and a 32mm exhaust valve. on the right side its asking ammount to be milled, i dont understand as to what this is reffering too. help?
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You should post your questions here: http://karting.4cycle.com/forumdisplay.php?f=72
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