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Old 09-12-2018, 05:43 AM
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Default Senior Project Ideas

So this is my third year taking Manufacturing Tech and it’s more of a self study. So I’m basically going to be Manufacturing something and then presenting various data on the processes at the end of the year.

My teacher says it’s better if I can chose something that will “help the environment” such as alternate power, etc. because then we are more likely to get funding.

I personally would like to build a motor of some sort. Like an engine that is easier to mount parallel so you can have the HP of a “V-Twin” without having to spend the +$400 on a new V-Twin. Instead you’d have one engine already and then if you want more HP in the future, you’d buy another single cylinder engine for $100-200 and connect the two without having as much space between them and other undesirable connection problems.

Or a mechanism that bolts to the side of an engine and has a lathe tool on it. Then you can turn the shaft to whatever diameter you need without having to bring it to an expensive machine shop or having the various issues with using an angle grinder.

Anyways if anybody else has some other ideas that’d be great because my teacher sort of shot down the first idea. I haven’t brought up the lathe one yet though.

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