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Old 03-30-2018, 01:37 AM
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Default 20% Off Coupon Treatland "onebluespring"

As title says:

~ spring has sprung... wow ! ~

20% off use code "onebluespring" sale ends 4/6/2018

SPRING IS HERE!! Treatland is celebrating with a nice lil sale! Pull out ye blaster, put some fresh gas in it and ride!! We're moved into our new spot and ready to serve some treatssss ������������

Use sale code "onebluespring" to get 20% off your order total! As always, free shipping applies to all orders over $150 within the continental united states. Once your cart is over $150 the option for free shipping will magically appear in the shipping carrier drop down menu.

Sale starts now (3/30/18) and ends on 4/6/18 at 11:59pm PT

As always, we will get your order out as soon as possible, but please expect normal shipping delays associated with a sale. Naturally, orders placed the soonest will ship out the fastest and orders after the weekend (3/31 - 4/1) will have the most delays! That being said, please prepare for 1 - 7 day delays on your order....however, the sooner you order the sooner your order will depart, amazing! Early bird gets the worm! ����

treatland, "international friend of moped"

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