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Old 09-13-2008, 07:22 PM
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Default Homemade supercharger

So by now, all you guys know that I'm constantly looking for awesome and insane ways (albeit complicated) to get every single speck of power out of my flathead, so look what I came up with:

First off, I took the flywheel off of my old go ped (It needs a new engine) and I thought to myself, "hmm, It looks like these little fins could generate some serious airflow." I took it and placed it in some 4" pvc pipe, and it fit perfectly, with just about .2 of an inch of clearance all around. My idea is to make a little container out of 4" pvc end caps, drill through the middle of the flywheel to make it uniformly 1/2" (it's tapered right now), drill holes exactly in the middle of the pvc, mount some high-speed bearings, then stick a 1/2" rod through it. On the outside I'll gear it for about 3:1 on the engine (3 being the engine, 1 being the charger), using a small chain or belt. Here's a diagram I made on paint:

Edit: ok, so the lil thing wouldn't upload, even though it was extremely simple and small. I guess I'll just have to describe it: I have the inlet tube on the bottom and the outlet (to engine) tube on top, both at the same horizontal position, but i'll have to cut a strange shaped hole on the top and bottom, and have to shape the ends of the inlet and exit pipes to fit the contour at a horizontal position, if you see what I'm saying (its really hard to explain). At the bottom, I have the inlet strategically placed to where the fins of the flywheel are cupped away from the inlet, to suck air in. At the top, the air is being blown into the exit tube (the fins are facing towards this one) after traveling 180* around the housing. Oh yeah, and the great thing is, I dont have to worry about the impeller (flywheel) exploding, because it came off a two stroke designed to turn 12,000 rpm (which is exactly the speed it will be spinning at if my engine is spinning 4000rpm )

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