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Old 02-27-2010, 08:51 AM
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Default How to ID Briggs and Straton engines

where to find the numbers here's some places to look

there are 3 sets of numbers model type and code
model numbers
-the first one or two tell how many cubic inches it is
-next one is design series
-then is crank position and type of carb
-3=horizontal,flo-jet,pneumatic gov
-4=horizontal,flo-jet,mechanical gov
-6=(left blank)
-8=(left blank)
-9=vertical pulsa-jet
-then is bearings reduction gears and aux. drives
-finaly is type of starter
type tells paint, decals and other unimportant stuff
code tell when and where it was made
-1st and 2nd tell year ex. '96
-3rd and 4th tell month ex. 02=february
-5th and 6th tell day
-6th and 7th tell assembly line and manufacturing plant

heres some common sizes of BRIGGS motors and their hp
80cc = 2.4 hp VANGUARD SERIES 50000
148cc = 3.5 HP I/C Model Series 92200
148cc = 3.5 HP INDUSTRIAL PLUS ™ Model Series 93400
126cc = 4hp VANGUARD Model Series 86400
206cc = 5.5 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 126400
181cc = 6 HP VANGUARD ™ Model Series 118400
206cc = 6.5 HP INTEK ™ PRO Model Series 123400
215cc = 7.5 HP VANGUARD ™ Model Series 138400
305cc = 8 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 201400
342cc = 11 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 210400
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Heres basically that same thing in PDF download.

I'll sticky this thread too, very helpful.
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Well, glad I looked here, I would have said there website but I just learned afew thing thanks to you guys I have a couple of B&S & a couple B,S motor's I'll run through thanks to you
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Old 05-20-2012, 06:17 PM
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ok i know this is a prob a dumb question but why is a briggs fun power 5hp rated at 206cc? is it just a 5hp thats been modified from factory? because the intek 6.5 is rated at the same cc and my friends 5hp is a 196cc and is a lot slower than my fun power 5hp 206cc
Old 05-20-2012, 06:29 PM
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For starters, cc is not a "rating", it's a physical measurement of the engine's cylinder displacement. Secondly, displacement is not directly related to rated horsepower, (which IS a "rating"). You are comparing different engines with different architecture and in some cases, different rating standards. Don't expect it to add up- it won't.
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