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Default Wiring, "where do they all go"

I decided that I was tired of my kids always in the house playing video games and wanted to entice them to come outside and breathe fresh air and real natural light.
So I bought a 6.5 hp Carter go kart for 50 bucks, good deal right, I thought so too only I'm no mechanic and eventhough the motor was not connected to the frame I figured how hard could it be there's only a few wires,,,, only everything I've tried hasn't worked, as a matter of fact I e broken more than I've fixed. I had to buy another coil module because of wiring it up wrong g and burning out the coil. So I ask is there anyone out there that like me doesn't know what there doing if so, well I do t want answer from you I want answers from The ones who do know. It's a Carter 6.5hp w/starter and I do not know where the wires go.
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first post up pictures of what you have
second post up the exact model of the go kart if you can find it
third, is the engine original or not?

There are universal wiring principals that apply, and then there are users manuals with wiring diagrams that take all the guess work out of it. So please give us more information first before we can help you out.
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