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Old 04-08-2019, 07:49 PM
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Default Can't figure this out.

Ok guys, complete newbie to the go kart world. My new (to me) kart I've been told has a GY6 engine and is some sort of Yerfdog.The engine is shot and I'm told that a predator 212 or 420 would be my best bet. But here is my issue, the sprocket is on the right side of the engine mount and as far as I can tell predators have the shaft on the left side of the engine. The sprocket seems to be welded in place so I can't just move it. Am I looking over something or is this not going to work? Thanks in advance and excuse my naivete.
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Old 04-08-2019, 09:32 PM
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You'll need to use a jackshaft. Not only to transmit the power to the other side of the frame, but likely also to add an extra stage of gear reduction. Your gear ratio will need to be in the 6:1 to 8:1 range depending on tire size and kart weight, and the GY6 machines always seem to have somewhere around a 36 tooth sprocket on them which would put you in the ~3:1 range
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Old 04-08-2019, 11:57 PM
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Welcome! Post some pics so we can give you some better advice on what to get. The 212 will be fine for you kart though. You don't really need a big block at all
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Old 04-09-2019, 05:14 AM
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frankly whoever said that a predator 212 is your BEST bet, has not the slightest of clues
Your BEST bet is to restore the engine you have, the second best would be to install a fresh gy6
of the same type (there are differences)

And then after a long boring gap.. then the next best thing is to fab up some engine mounts for
another type of engine, best some motorcycle/scooter engine that needs the least amount of mods and offers the best power to weight ratio ideally CVT'ed shifted would be alright (with some additional work involved)
and after all that the last 'best' thing would be
any type of industrial engine (212 420, whatever)

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Karttekk (04-09-2019)
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I agree with Sid here. The GY6 is a completely different setup than a "lawn mower" engine setup. More than likely if you decide to go "lawn mower", you'll end up walking away from the project or tossing the kart. In my view, it isn't worth the effort. Finding parts for a Yerfdog may be a challenge also, keep that in mind if go with the engine replacement. Not trying to discourage you or come across as a wise guy, just being realistic.

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