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Old 03-29-2019, 08:57 AM
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Default 4.10/3.50-6 Wheel And Tire Assemblys

These (2) 4.10/3.50-6 Wheel And Tire Assembly's seem pretty similar

What is the difference?
...except for the price

This one is from Surplus Center ($7.99)


4.10/3.50-6 WHEEL ASSEMBLY.
New, rubber tire on white steel wheel. Offset hub. Not for highway use.

SPECIFICATIONS •Size 4.10/3.50-6
•O.D. 12"
•Tread Sawtooth
•Tread Width 2-3/4"
•Bore 5/8" ball bearing
•Bore Thru-Length 3-1/4"
•Hub Offset 3/4"
•Tire Type Tube
•Load Rating 300 lbs. max
•Load Range B
•Pressure 30 PSI max
•Ply Rating 2
•Shpg. 6 lbs.

This one is from BMI Karts ($29.95)


Product Specs:
•Offset Hub: 4-1/2" (Valve Stem Side: 1-1/2"/Opposite Side: 2-1/8")
•5/8" Bearing
•Size: 410/350-6
•2 Ply Sawtooth
•Mounted on steel wheel rim, powder coated

* Pics are front & back of the same rim/tire
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Old 03-29-2019, 09:08 AM
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BMI Karts says that it's manufactured by Martin.
Look closely on the sidewall on the pic from Surplus Center, and I can make out Martin.
Both are 2 ply.
Sooo, I'd say identical.

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HECK, I might buy those from Surplus Center, drill some holes for a hub, and slap those on the back of my go kart!.
Urgh, just realized though that the bearing ID is too small. I need 3/4".
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They kinda look the same to me....but what do i know
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What's the diff. ?? looks like the same China brand. I have there 2019 catalog, they have a lot of mechanical stuff, I bought there high back seat 1-3202-bk it's nice but kinda heavy for a kart. Go for the surplus tires at that price buy a set of four.
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