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Old 08-20-2017, 02:53 PM
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It's an awesome kart Jason quinn. Not sure why so much negativity. If you sell it, I personally hope you make a small fortune.

Sure would like to see a video of that machine on a high speed run. Even a audio recording of those twins screaming along. Hi-rez pics?

Anyways thanks for sharing, even though I'm a bit jealous. I hope you continue to post and ignore the negativity that some thrive upon.
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kenworth85 (08-20-2017)
Old 08-20-2017, 04:50 PM
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Nice find Jason. I have found that there are a few less than friendly and less than intelligent members on the forum. Just ignore some and enjoy the wealth of knowledge available here.

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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
I feel a strong sense of Deja Vu...

What's your game, man? Are you just trying to find interested buyers?You're not a long time member here or there...
Hellion, put the bottle down my friend.
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Randy H (08-20-2017)
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