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Old 06-17-2011, 04:28 PM
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bighead- he is a nice guy, he looks like hes late 30's or early 40's.. not a grandpa lol. i believe he is or was associated with some kind of US army..... because he has LOTS of war stuff (dont even ask lol) i found his ad on craigslist for that 70's Sears LT-1036 tractor and snowblower attachment. i thought the ad said 100 bucks for it but that was for his other one that already sold. this one was $150. i only brought 80 bucks so thats what i offered..... and he took it. however, he said i had to move his bricks into the woods. so one weekend i was there for like 2 hours moving wheel barrow full after wheel barrow full of chunks of concrete and bricks into the woods. well he gave me a root beer! and after i was done he gave me a stirling air raid siren. its probably from the cuban missile crisis. my plans for it are to restore it and sell it. and right before i left, he said that he would give me 10 bucks to fix his chainsaw. i dont have a pic of what it looked like before, but it was pretty dirty, pull start was not retracting, who knows how long it has sat for.

so this is more of a thank you to him as well as i make 10 bucks... its summer and i have all the free time that i need. also he dropped off the tractor at my house..... all i had to do is load it into his truck with my dad and he drove it down......... even helped us move the HEAVY snowblower part to where we wanted it..

also THANK YOU to everyone helping me! you all have really put me on the right track of things to look out for.

this is what ill tell him to buy:

get chain sharpened professionally or new chain
new intake gasket
better fuel lines
new fuel filter
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