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Default "Capeta" - karting anime

Hi everyone.
Since I've been having so much trouble with my build I decided to relax a little with another hobby, being a otaku.
I did searched before to make sure I wasn't going to do a repost.
So I bring you a japanese animation series called "Capeta".

I'm not going to spoil the story going to you, so you can later watch it if interested, but I'll give a little info.
The story has some base around the life of Ayrton Senna in his early years of karting, the author created a 10 year old character called Capeta Taira, a really low resource boy (and big fan of Formula 1) living with his father almost in a status of poverty.
Due to his father working in a paving company, he is introduced to karting, along with his friends.
The flow of the story covers just how hard it is the reality of real kart racing in therms of money and support, but also shows the other side of sponsored teams.

For those who are into anime and really like karting, I recommend watching this series as it's really intense (and emotional), also features many explenations of specific karting situations and the best part, the racing scenes are cgi just like Initial D or Wangan Midnight.

PS: To see episodes 1/2/3, so you can have an idea if you like it or not, go to:
EP1 -
EP2 -
EP3 -
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