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Default Car PC

This isn't kart related but I thought I'd share it up for those who might be interested. For a while now I have been working on a PC for my car.

Sure there are some small motherboards available that are low power and such that are suitable for this type of application. Unfortunately for me, they don't provide enough computing power for my wants. So, I made a small metal case out of mostly aluminum and put a Micro BTX board on it with a 3GHz Pentium D, 1.5GB of RAM, 80GB SATA hard drive and an ATI Radeon X600 video card. There's nothing really available out there that could power this off of the cars' electrical system without using a power inverter so I had to make my own power supplies. Power inverter was out of the question as it would be pointless and inefficient to go from 12V to 120V then back down to the low voltages required for the components. Here are some pictures of the power supplies I made. I just finished with them today. There's still a few other boards I have to make that will monitor voltages, manage power and keep things running smoothly but I haven't made those yet.

The first picture is of the 5V, 3.3V and 5V standby power supply. The second and third is of the 12V board while I was working on it and the 4th is of the 12V as it's almost complete. I was able to test them as they are but they're not completely done yet. The 5th is a picture of the motherboard in part of the case.

The whole thing is really small and made to fit in my trunk just behind the back seat. The power supplies all work directly off of 12V and just regulate the output. No the 12V power supply isn't pointless because the power in a car varies and isn't quite steady. This power supply keeps it at a constant 12 even if the power goes under or over.

The purpose of this? I loaded software on it for GPS, Music, I will be adding a USB wifi adapter for internet, maybe bluetooth and anything else I would want later, maybe some games for when I'm waiting for someone in the car or something. TF2 Mobile!
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