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Old 01-15-2020, 01:04 PM
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Default 30 series torque converter

I bought a chinese converter off amazon put it on ct200u ex. I think my belt alignment is slightly off after putting a straight edge on it. Is there a good writeup somewhere showing where to put washers spacers etc? Please post links. PIcs whatever.

I have on mine so far in this order driver is small washer steel spacer and clutch.

Driven is sprocket keyed washer driven pulley washer and nut. This is all my kit came with. Ive watched the vids but something still seems off.
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We need pictures but you should be able to take the back pulley nut off and pull the back pulley off use as many washers needed to get proper alighnment and then tighted the nut back on.
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here ya go

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